Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mad Tea Party 2011

Come one, come all,
and don't be tardy!
It is time for Vanessa's
Mad Tea Party!

A place has been set
just for you,
even if you are
only passing through.

Lots of things here
can be found.
So take some time
to look around.

Please leave a comment
one, or two.
And let me know
your point of view.

Time to go? Twas nice to
have you here.

You 'll always be welcomed back
in my world in blogosphere.

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Mixed media on canvas

I was inspired to make this mm collage while visiting one of the fellow blogger I follow. She makes beautiful ATC's and recently made some using a mermaid/sea theme. (see I used a underwater photograph for the background and photoshoped the mermaid onto it. After printing, I used a image transfer technique to transfer thewhole thing  to the canvas. I painted over some of the areas with acrylic paint to hide little imperfections in the transfer. Then embellished with some dimensional embellishments. This will go to a friend as one of her birthday gifts.
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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fathers Day photoshop collage

I made this photoshop collage of my grandson and my son in honor of Father's Day. I love you both.
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Monday, June 13, 2011

I have a cardnial's nest in my bush!

I found this nest, it is just outside my back sunroom door. Poor thing every time I open the door, she flys away, so I didn't think that the eggs would survive. But can see one almost completely hatched. What a find!
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Faux porcelain flower box

I was visiting one of the blogs I follow and she had bought the book, "Delight in the Details", by Lisa M Peace. It was chalked full of fun ideas to make your own embellishments and one of them contained how to make faux porcelain flowers. She used this idea to make her mother a flower box for Mothers day.  So I went on a hunt and found a copy for myself.  The author of the book used a product called petal porcelain (which is not available on the market anymore, yes, I searched and searched) so the blogger used stiffy to to make her silk flowers stiff and then used a glossing spray to make them shine. I didn't have the stiffy (I have used it before and it does work well) but I did have a product called Triple Thick which is a brush on gloss glaze. sorta like glossy accents, but in a big tub.  I had some pretty paper flowers and thought I would give it a try!  Well, I thought the results were great. I dipped the flowers into the glaze for a even all over coat and let them dry. Not only are they stiff but have a brilliant glossy shine that does look like porcelain. So here is my creation, adorned with some vintage jewelry pieces. Enjoy.

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