Tuesday, September 2, 2014

2014 MHF Halloween Swap

Every year at this time, a chance to do some Halloween creating comes round in the form of swaps.
I join our local art store Halloween swap every year because I ENJOY IT!   This year our template was a tombstone. I like a little creepy, a little dark Halloween and I like realistic art. I can do whimsy once in awhile, but most of the time I choose realistic art. I used my photoshop program to do some graphics onto the template and then added some cut and  paste graphics cut from my cricut for a little
extra dimension and  interest. I created 11 actually,only showing 7, some were duplicates and for sake of space not shown.  I hope you enjoy or perhaps get inspired to pull out your scissors and cardstock and make some Halloween fun of your own.

Happy creating,

Friday, July 25, 2014

Sea charm necklace and earrings

I love anything sea/beach themed, and wanted to make a summer necklace about that. Found a couple of charms at Hobby Lobby and added a pearl and a shell. I have some sea glass I wanted to add but was having some difficulty in drilling a hole in them. I have since figured out how it is done, so the next piece will  probably have that included.  Perhaps in my Etsy shop?

Bee Attitudes configuration box

I've got a thing about Bees lately. Always wanted to make a book about "Bees"  The altered book is in the planning stage, but to satisfy my  creative muse I put together this Tim Holtz configuration box with a lid, (looks like a book) and filled it with some images about bees. I especially like the "Bee Attitudes" little book with all its Bee affirmations. I have had that in my mind to make for awhile, so here it is! Hope you enjoy looking as it was such fun to make.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Altered soap box

 I got this box with soap in it as a gift.  It was a pretty box and shaped like a octagon. I thought to re-purpose it into something. Hum, what could I make out of it?.  Duh! a Bee Box! Now I have to think of something to go into it for a gift.  Any suggestions?

Baby Girl Cards

My daughter-in-law's cousin is having a
baby girl.   Her shower is tomorrow. I made her
some cards for my daughter in law to give her.

I didn't have a template so I made up my own for the onesie  pattern. I saw a card made like this on Pintrest so I wanted to try to recreate it. The bottom opens to reveal the card sentiment.

The other card I made from some embossing folders and dies from Anna Griffen. I love her stuff. I had
the little shaker box I purchased somewhere long ago, so I decided to incorporate it into this card.

Thanks for looking.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Butterfly Box

 Finally got to post a post! Sorry that I have neglected my blog, but as a lot
of you know, Life just gets in the way.  This post is about a class I took with my sister while she was visiting me.It is made from the new Tim Holtz configuration box with a lid. I really like this box and it could be used for different kinds of projects. My mind is whirling with ideas! The papers used was also from Tim Holtz  Menagerie 12x12 paper pack. It has a botanical feel which lends itself well to this theme. We used some different kinds of stamps and I varied the cover and inside cover somewhat to make it my own.  I also added some die cut vines to the inside instead of a frame of vines that were on the original box. Inside at the bottom is a handmade little "Field Guide" book that is also made from the papers and some kraft papers that
make up pockets. It is bound with a zutter, spiral bound rings. Lisa, our teacher
had added a "specimen" under glass which is a stamped small butterfly that we glued on a straight pin
and added a little moss in the bottom, hot glued into the cubicle. Next to that a smaller tubed glass with a
image of a butterfly using some of Tim's transparent tape. Other cubicles contain other stamped images of butterflys that were cut out, colored and decorated then glued into them with a strip naming the species.
(Don't know the manufacture of that stamp, but it contained several butterfly with the species name)
It was a fun class to do, did take some time to make, but well worth it.  Next class I 'm taking will be a Gelli card class. I haven't done any gelli printing yet, but,  I can forsee more art supplies in my future!

Perhaps, I can get back into blogging somewhat more regularly agian, I hope!


Saturday, October 5, 2013

More Halloween fun

 I created these large tags (#10) for a local Halloween tag swap. No requirements except use the large tags. I repeated a couple of tags I did for my other swap, but since the tags were large I could fit the entire art doll onto them. All the others I created on a whim just playing around with what I had on hand.I did put a lot of work into some of these, but I enjoyed every minute of it. Happy Halloween!
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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Character Construction Halloween Art Doll Swap

 Well, it's that time of year for all the Halloween swaps and Halloween crafting. I have never participated in this yahoo group before, but I have been a member a long time. This one though made my muse tingle. The requirements was simply to use the character construction stamps, of which I already owned several, mostly Halloween themed. So naturally, it was a no brainer. I usually make my Halloween crafts on the dark side, but these cute stamps, you just have to make something whimsical and magical.  Happy Halloween
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Friday, August 16, 2013

Alpha Stamps, Arabian Nights swap

 Newest swap I joined from Alpha Stamps. They are ATC sized (picture of women in center) then used a chipboard house frame and added domed top of chipboard as well. I used the kit they sell at AS, and added embellishments. If interested they hold monthly swaps and kits.
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Friday, July 5, 2013

Alpha Stamps "Sea Sirens" swap

Didn't have anything to do July 4th, so I decided to work on
my swap ATC's! I love to do beach/sea themed art in the
summer, just feels like summertime to me, and there's no
better subject than Mermaids! Hope you had as much fun as
I did for the holiday.  Enjoy
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Friday, April 19, 2013

Vintage Earring Bracelets

 I've been enthralled about these vintage earring bracelets I have been seeing, so, of course, I had to set out to make my own. These are three of my first. It takes a while to collect all the different earrings, then try to compliment each into a certain style. (sorry about my poor photography skills) These are 7.5 inches long and all faux pearl and gold tone settings. I know they are big, they are from the 50's and I guess that was the style back then, but what a way to re-purpose them!  I am making some silver-tone ones and still in the collecting phase, will post when I get those done. I hope to have some in my etsy shop, so keep posted.
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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Alpha Stamps French Coutour postcard swap

 I haven't participated in a swap for sometime, but I love creating little dresses on dress forms, that I had to do this one. I enjoyed making these, I will espically enjoy on what I get in return!
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Friday, March 29, 2013

Vintage fish broaches mixed media collage.

 I had been thinking of making something with all the vintage pieces of jewelry that I have been collecting for sometime now. I have been collecting these fish broaches for almost two years until I finally got enough to do something with. My sister loves broaches, so I thought it would be a great idea to make her something special for her birthday. Here is what I did to complete this collage. I started off with a plain canvas board which I painted a extra coat of gesso so my image transfer would adhere well. I have many digital images I use in my art and used photoshop resize the image to fit the 8x10 canvas board. I applied golden fluid matte medium to both the canvas board and the inkjet image and placed it face down on the canvas board. Using a brayer to ensure all bubbles were removed and left overnight to dry.  I think the transfer went really well, you always get some small areas which do not take as well which is easily fixed with a touch of acrylic panit mixed to match. I used my acrylics to paint in some plants to add intrest. I used some coral chips to make the collaged coral branch in the scene. Next all that was left was to arrange the broaches with backs removed and glue using E6000 and frame! I think she will love it.
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 Next, I wanted something springy for my front door. I had seen a basket just filled with tulips on Pintrest and it looked elegant. That was my inspiration for my piece. I did alter that idea just a bit. I had some birds nest left over from last year and wanted to add one into the basket along with a mother bird. I found some pretty yellow tulips on sale at Michaels and I had some other spring flowers that I added to make a full arrangement. Then finished it with a sweet gingham bow . I think it looks pretty good!
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Shabby Chic Birdcage

 Spring is in the air. I have done a few spring things to freshen up a room or two in my house. I bought a birdcage (decorative) from Hobby lobby a few weeks ago, didn't like the muckle-e-dunk brown color, so, I spray painted it a white gloss. I had this faux branch with a vine and two nest with small eggs for years and thought it would do just fine inside. I twisted it a little to get the shape I wanted and fitted it inside and had it climb up into the top. I placed some moss on the floor of the cage and sprinkled some dried and silk roses on the bottom to add color.  I found two shabby chic birds at Michaels that were perfect so I added them. I had also added some lace trim to the outside of the cage to make it more dressy.  I had watched a you tube video to make the pic of roses and other frills added to the side of the cage and tied a bow of flat lace. It goes perfect in that spare bedroom I had decorated a little Victorian.  If your interested in seeing that youtube video I think this is the link www.youtube.com/watch?v=iA6c8LI_ygc
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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Industrial Chic Junque Neckace

I have collected Industrial Chic charms since they came out, and finally did something with them. I loved the look of these charms and the steampunkish feel they inspire. I used a chain link chain and leather cording which I threaded in and out of the chain links and loaded it all up with everything I had and a few other charms that I have made myself so it would truly be a one of a kind peice.  I would like to know what you think of this peice, not sure what I am going to do with this necklace, but perhaps if I get a feel that is received well, I will place this in my etsy shop for sell.   Thank you for looking and Happy spring!
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