Thursday, April 28, 2011

Graphic45 Garden Fairy mini booklet

Good morning friends, I have mentioned that I really love the Graphic45 papers. I used their "Once Upon a Springtime" themed papers to create this little fairy garden book. The actual chipboard book is from Alpha Stamps, can't remember the company who makes it.(it was sometime ago that I purchased it and my memory is not what it use to be) I made some of the vignettes 3_D (used dimensional foam tape and 3 layers one on top of the other, although it is not appreciated in the photos very well) Hope you enjoy!

Graphic45 Fairy Garden mini book

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Welcome Alpha Stampers group

Welcome to all of the fellow Alpha Stamps group who stopped by my blog  for the "Let's go visiting" weekend.  Sorry to have missed you, I work on weekends, perhaps I may get a chance later on Sunday to stop by and visit your blog.  Thanks in advance for any and all comments left. Wished I had time for a give-a-way, but didn't have time to put one together, and I sincerely think that should be done with some thought and not rushed.  Have a good weekend.