Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Beauties

Yes, more flower pins. These are somewhat different from what I have been doing. I used a light cotton broadcloth that was light but had some body.  As these flowers are made of cotton, the edges will fray over a time giving this flower a shabby chic appeal.  The coordinating cascading rayon/silk ribbon gently flows from the bottom as a accent.  I see these pin/broaches on a more casual style. Wear them in your hair, on a denim jacket or any boho chic style outfit.  This is another tutorial from pintrest, if interested you may find the tutorial here: (look under March 19, 2012):
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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Silk Flower pin

 I tried this flower in 100% silk, as did the author of  the tutorial I got this from.  She was correct in that it was a bit more tedious to singe the edges as it was more flammable. I did set a couple of petals ablaze, but not too bad.(good to have a bowl of water handy, just in case) Another thing about making silk petals is that they don't curl like the synthetic fabrics do, so you have to make small "pinch tucks" in each petal to give it some shape.  Then give it a slight bunch in the whole flower after you got it all together, and sew a pucker through all layers to draw it up and in.  The center I used a long strip about 1 inch wide and ran a gathering stitch down one side, gathered and "rolled" it onto itself and stitched each layer down to secure. (I used hot glue to adhere to middle of flower petals.  Add some velvet leaves and  and a pin backing and you have a really nice flower pin. (For more detailed tutorial see last post below, I have listed the url of this tutorial and another using bought silk flowers that you can re-make) Thanks for looking

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Flower pin

I saw this again from pintrest and like it so much that I gave it a whirl. It is made somewhat like what I have been doing, but using a different fabric. The orginal was a knock off of a silk flower pin costing a bunch, so the author used a 100% polyester shiny fabric and singed the edges to keep from fraying then she used a strip of material and gathered it like the "ribbon flowers" I have been making. Basically, this flower pin is a combination of two flowers I have been making. Here is the address of the tutorial if you are interested
Or try this tutorial
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