Monday, November 12, 2012

Christmas configuration box

Saw this one on Pintrest. Yep, you know me, had to try to make this too.  I love Pintrest, so much inspiration there.

Christmas Ornaments

Saw some of the cute fashion ornies and had to try re-create them. Made from chipboard, fabric, and feathers.  Assemble and add hanger. Ready to give or hang.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween Blog Party 2012

Welcome, my dearies,
And do come in, if you dare.
We have work to do,
In my Witches' lair.

  A rising moon shines full and bright.
High above, the owl keeps a watchful eye.
For ghosts and goblins are out tonight!

 Watch your step! Don't fall in this room.
There's bottles a plenty, cauldrons and brooms.

We will make a potion to cast a spell,
and take it to the graveyard
where the spirits dwell.

We will help them rise up-
and walk again
But only for one night--
The night of Samhain. 

Watch your back
for things unseen.
Who knows who might be watching,
On the eve of Halloween...

poem written by Debbie Lynch

Thanks to Vanessa at A Fanciful Twist for hosting this event.  For more fun please click on the link in my side bar which will take you to her site, from their look for the list of other 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Altered cigar box

 If you haven't already guessed, my favorite holiday is HALLOWEEN! I recently participated in a class at my local stamping store to alter a cigar box. This is my design on the inside. It is a lighted (with a battery operated tea light) and a spooky grave yard scene inside, I think the light gives it that creep factor. It opens at the top to make it easier to turn off and on your light. What do you think?

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Monday, September 24, 2012

My Potions and Apothecary Cabinet

 Well, I am finally finished with my apothecary cabinet that the fabulous Laura Carson has challenged those of us who wanted to create something wickedly fun for this Halloween season. I must say that it was just that, a challengeI started out by making my cabinet the way she taught in her video tutorial (click on Laura's button to the right to take you  to her wonderful blog for free video tutorials...there is still time to do yours!) After I got it all put together, I had a brain storm.. I totally went rouge and decided to make  mine with a Harry Potter theme, (those who know me, know that I am a big Harry Potter fan) so I had to design from scratch all my apothecary labels and books.There are all of Harry's favorite potions. Poly juice potion, Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder, Veritasserum, elixer of Life, Draught of Living Death, Felix Felicis potion, Mandrake Draught, Dried Gilley Weed, Acromantula Venom,Wolfbane Potion, Floo Powder, Pumpkin Juice, Phoenix Feathers, Skele Grow, and I just had to add eye of newt for good measure.  Next, because Hogwarts is a school for Witches and Wizards, there had to be school books. The curriculum includes, Standard Book of Spells, grade III, Advanced Potion Making, Divination, Unfogging the Future, The Dark Arts,  Herbology,and finally, a must have for every student, Hogwarts a History. If you are a true Potter fan, you will notice that my cabinet also includes a sorting Hat.  If you noticed the cat in the corner wearing
Professor McGonnagall's hat, then you'd know she was a Animagus! Every student was issued a standard school broom so that they may learn to ride it properly. I have also included Hedwig, the beloved snowy owl that Harry received on his eleventh birthday from  Hagrid. A ring of skeleton keys hangs from the cabinet to hold the many keys to some of the doors in the castle. (Who needs keys, when you can just use the spell Alohomora!) Of course I had to add one thing that Harry used when he was up to no good, and that was the Mauraders Map.
I decided to add a little lighting to give it a eerie feel by the use of some battery operated tea lights.  I hope you enjoy my little creation, and Thank you Laura for some great inspiration!

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Monday, September 10, 2012

A better look.

 I am re posting with new photos of my wicked lil witchy shoes so you can get a better look. My last photos were a bit unfocused, (mainly I was in a bit of a rush with a two year old wanting to get into the action) So I removed the hanger just to re-shoot them, no worries I will replace them back on their hanger so they can grace a corner somewhere.
Thanks for looking.

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

ITS TIME!!! Some Hallowen goodies

I have been busy creating some Halloween goodies to post and use for the season. Since it is September, I thought I'd post what I have been saving up for some time.  Still creating, not giving up yet. I am participating in Laura Carson's Pretty Potions Apothecary cabinet event coming up. (see side bar for button)  I will be posting mine when it is complete.  Happy Haunting!!!!!

Altered plastic cauldron

 I need a cauldron for a Halloween prop, but wasn't in the plastic ones you can pick up anywhere during Halloween season. I looked around for a real cast iron one, none locally I could find, and the ones I did find online were terribly expensive, not to mention the cost of shipping. So one day on pintrest ( I really get a lot of inspiration there) I saw where a guy had altered a plastic cauldron which looked fairly real. I decided to give it a whirl. (his was way more elaborate with a stand and everything) I tracked back to the original post to find out how he did it and was surprised. He used a mixture of oatmeal, sand, glue and water. Really, oatmeal? but it does give that flaky texture of rust. I mixed some up, of course mine was alittle watery, so went outside and got just plain dirt, mixed alittle of flour for good measure. (I really felt like I was cooking up some weird potion) and slapped it on. It still was a little runny as you can tell, it dripped down the sides, but it stuck. I let it thoughly dry and then sprayed a flat black primer all over. I then painted some rusty stains using acrylic paint, and ta-da, a old rusty cauldron! It will be a perfect prop for what I needed it for.
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Halloween postcard swap

 This is my submission to a local Halloween postcard swap. I am very much into digital art, so of course, that is what I did for this swap. The elements for this digital collage are from deviant scrap. (my new source for digital stuff) and the kraft post cards are some I had left over from a Alpha Stamps swap. ( yeah, I could of made my own, but had these already) The border is a punch from black metallic card stock. I added a little Wizard of Oz humor.
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Altered baby shoes

 These will be my submission to a challenge I will be participating in next month. "Altered witchy shoes". I decided to make the unexpected and alter baby shoes. (sorry, my  pictures are a little fuzzy, did not use the tripod) Inside I placed a photo of a little "Witch in training" and added pointy ends to the toe box to look like witches' shoes. I really liked how they turned out. I suspended them from a cord so they could hang in a nook as Halloween decor. What do you think?

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Altered book

 I was inspired to make the altered "spell" book by something I saw on pintrest. It was a similar book, only the list of supplies used to make it. I had to use a little imagination to do it.  I made the eye from polymer clay, and the eye lids from paper towels mixed with glue, sorta like paper mache. Shaped it the way I wanted and added modeling past to the cover.  Pained and added embellishments. I am going to use this as a prop for Halloween. I have been working on other props I hope to post as well.  The bottom picture shows the book opened to a couple of spells that I tipped in the book. These are the only two, as I did not want to alter the entire book. The pages have been distressed to add to the "old, well used" appearance.

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