Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Paper roses

I found this on pintrest, and since I'm into making flowers lately, I thought I'd try to make this one! One thing I learned is: don't use old paper, it is too fragile.
I wanted to make a truly vintage paper flower so I used a book that was printed in 1908, I am surprised that I got it to go together at all because the paper kept tearing. But I managed it somehow. After I got it done, I sprayed it with a coat of clear acrylic gloss spray to help give it some strength. Next time, (and yes, there will be more) I'll use a more recent book pages. (I even have a french journal page I might have to copy and that sounds lovely!) You can search for the tutorial on my pintrest board under "inspiration", but you will have to do some sleuthing,, the one thing I don't like about pintrest is that when you keep repining you loose the original track back to that pin. So when you find this on my pintrest board, use the website at the bottom, ( and it will take you to the tutorial.Thanks for looking
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Flowers, Flowers, everywhere!

Can't seem to get enough of making these fabric/ribbon flowers. Some will become pins/broaches, others I'll just stash until I have a need for them. In the mean time, I'll make more!
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