Thursday, December 3, 2009

Vintage bottle snowman

While searching for some Christmas inspiration I came across last years copy of Cloth Paper Scissors, December issue, and I found it! On the cover no less, but just had to try it. I ran to some nearby antique stores in search for some vintage bottles I thought would work. Some were quite pricey, but managed to find seven for around twenty dollars. ( the artist in the magazine stated she found six for three dollars.) Guess it depends where you are and how good you are a negotiating. The most expensive bottle was marked nine dollars, but I did get it down to seven fifty. Next was a trip to a local Michaels, cupons in hand, and bought some white "Delight" air dry modeling compound for the heads, and some filler beads for the inside of the glass bottle ( I cheated and used some fluff at the bottom) I had most of the other items from my stash of goods at home. The noses are polymer clay and eyes/mouth are small brads. The "hats" are cake decorating tips, that are decorated with junk jewelry. Add some tinsel /fabric and letter charms and Ta-Da, vintage glass bottle snowman!
Oh don't forget to cover head (and wherever else you want) with glue and sprinkle with flake irridescent glitter. All in all it took me a afternoon to put them together and let dry until the next morning when I added the finishing touches and glitter. Enjoy
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Jean said...

Hello -- Just surfed on and these are just so cute! They made me smile -- so thanks for that.

Happy New Year!