Friday, February 5, 2010

AS Masquerade Mask Swap

In honor of "Fat Tuesday" comming up, Alpha Stamps yahoo group, is hosting a masquerade mask swap. The templates for these masks were supplied and were required to use, although you could choose which of the four templates you used. (I only used two of the templates) Each mask is small enough to fit on a ATC card, but for this swap, the masks would stand on its own. You could choose your embellishments/paper, but one item you used (beside the mask template) had to be from Alpha Stamps. In turn, I will receive three masks created by a different artist. I love these swaps as I challenge myself and get inspiration from other artist as well. It is just one way I flex my artistic side.
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Anonymous said...

Deb I happened upon your blog today while taking time to look at the yahoo group links and was surprised to find my haunted house swap (the smallest page) on your site. I am also doing the 2 new Alpha Stamp ones maybe we will end up with each others work again. I noticed you participate in a lot of swaps, where do you find them? Are they other groups you belong to? I am hoping to start a blog in the near future and would really like to get involved in more swaps, I loved the last 2 at Alpha but was hoping for something that will really keep me entertained and busy but have not really found places to find these swaps. Eventually when I get my blog set up I'd like to host them myself but for now could you point me in the right direction to get involved in other swaps? I'd really appreciate it. I want to stay busy and it looks like you do a pretty good job of it!
Teri Steele