Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Altered book

 I was inspired to make the altered "spell" book by something I saw on pintrest. It was a similar book, only the list of supplies used to make it. I had to use a little imagination to do it.  I made the eye from polymer clay, and the eye lids from paper towels mixed with glue, sorta like paper mache. Shaped it the way I wanted and added modeling past to the cover.  Pained and added embellishments. I am going to use this as a prop for Halloween. I have been working on other props I hope to post as well.  The bottom picture shows the book opened to a couple of spells that I tipped in the book. These are the only two, as I did not want to alter the entire book. The pages have been distressed to add to the "old, well used" appearance.

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Linda said...

This one turned out very well. I like that it is different than the others. Where did you ge the eye ball from? I know that this is an old book...was it a poem book?