Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Altered plastic cauldron

 I need a cauldron for a Halloween prop, but wasn't in the plastic ones you can pick up anywhere during Halloween season. I looked around for a real cast iron one, none locally I could find, and the ones I did find online were terribly expensive, not to mention the cost of shipping. So one day on pintrest ( I really get a lot of inspiration there) I saw where a guy had altered a plastic cauldron which looked fairly real. I decided to give it a whirl. (his was way more elaborate with a stand and everything) I tracked back to the original post to find out how he did it and was surprised. He used a mixture of oatmeal, sand, glue and water. Really, oatmeal? but it does give that flaky texture of rust. I mixed some up, of course mine was alittle watery, so went outside and got just plain dirt, mixed alittle of flour for good measure. (I really felt like I was cooking up some weird potion) and slapped it on. It still was a little runny as you can tell, it dripped down the sides, but it stuck. I let it thoughly dry and then sprayed a flat black primer all over. I then painted some rusty stains using acrylic paint, and ta-da, a old rusty cauldron! It will be a perfect prop for what I needed it for.
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Linda said...

Hi Debbie, I love what you did to the caldron. It turned out awesome.
Just get your dry ice ready and add water and you are all set.
Great job.

cmoh said...

OH My JOSH!!! I want to do this. Can you send me a link to your inspiration (although I doubt his is better) so I can get the instructions.

Thanks so much!