Monday, September 24, 2012

My Potions and Apothecary Cabinet

 Well, I am finally finished with my apothecary cabinet that the fabulous Laura Carson has challenged those of us who wanted to create something wickedly fun for this Halloween season. I must say that it was just that, a challengeI started out by making my cabinet the way she taught in her video tutorial (click on Laura's button to the right to take you  to her wonderful blog for free video tutorials...there is still time to do yours!) After I got it all put together, I had a brain storm.. I totally went rouge and decided to make  mine with a Harry Potter theme, (those who know me, know that I am a big Harry Potter fan) so I had to design from scratch all my apothecary labels and books.There are all of Harry's favorite potions. Poly juice potion, Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder, Veritasserum, elixer of Life, Draught of Living Death, Felix Felicis potion, Mandrake Draught, Dried Gilley Weed, Acromantula Venom,Wolfbane Potion, Floo Powder, Pumpkin Juice, Phoenix Feathers, Skele Grow, and I just had to add eye of newt for good measure.  Next, because Hogwarts is a school for Witches and Wizards, there had to be school books. The curriculum includes, Standard Book of Spells, grade III, Advanced Potion Making, Divination, Unfogging the Future, The Dark Arts,  Herbology,and finally, a must have for every student, Hogwarts a History. If you are a true Potter fan, you will notice that my cabinet also includes a sorting Hat.  If you noticed the cat in the corner wearing
Professor McGonnagall's hat, then you'd know she was a Animagus! Every student was issued a standard school broom so that they may learn to ride it properly. I have also included Hedwig, the beloved snowy owl that Harry received on his eleventh birthday from  Hagrid. A ring of skeleton keys hangs from the cabinet to hold the many keys to some of the doors in the castle. (Who needs keys, when you can just use the spell Alohomora!) Of course I had to add one thing that Harry used when he was up to no good, and that was the Mauraders Map.
I decided to add a little lighting to give it a eerie feel by the use of some battery operated tea lights.  I hope you enjoy my little creation, and Thank you Laura for some great inspiration!

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Seeing Things said... is fantastic Deb! My husband and I are peering closely at the screen, all the little details are so captivating. The little books, the tiny bottles and the way you have added lights. This little apothecary is just perfect! Great job.

VicR said...

OMG I am in total awe! I recently came across your blog while doing a Google search, and as I've been following Laura's tutorials all along too, I decided to save the link to yours.
If there's anything I Love more than Halloween, it's Harry Potter!!!
I am just sooo Amazed with your WONDERFUL creation -- you really did a most excellent apothecary, Deb :)
VickiR in OH

cmoh said...

Fabulous! I love Harry of the Potter and how you mixed it all together is just perfect! verytime I look I see something new, the hat, Hedgwig, all the wonderful books. What a treasure you have created.

Now I must get more done on mine!

Great piece

Anonymous said...

FANTASTIC!!!! You did such a great job focusing on all the small details. I just want to sit and keep looking at it.
This is definitely a piece of art worth treasuring.

Jackie said...

Your cabinet is absolutely full of fun! Deb, what a super job you did with the challenge_just awesome! Jackie

Linda said...

OMG Debbie, you did an amazing on on your cabinet. All the detail and goings on, wow. Each time I look at it I see new things.I think this is something to keep out all year long. A piece to treasure all the time. I love it all.

Artfully Musing said...

Just wonderful!!! I love the Harry Potter theme. I'm a huge fan too. The skeletons on the sides and the owl on top are too cool. Fantastic job all around!!!

Lou Anne said...

This is awesome! You went all out on this project. It's a fun piece to look at-full of treasures.

Rhea said...

Fantastic job! I love all the details and how you made it your own. Cheers!

Hazel (Didos) said...

WOW I love your Apothocary, Its amazing, Ive just started on mine, Thanks for dropping by my blog, Hazelxo

Holly M said...

I found you through Laura's blog. Your Harry Potter themed cabinet is truly fabulous. I'm dying to know how you made the all the HP themed books. I've made some using Alpha Stamps college sheets, but I love the ones you made. Any chance on a tutorial on how you made them?

Sandra said...

Great job on this apothecary cabinet. I love the lightnings and the Harry Potter touch :)

Paulette said...

Your Apothecary is way cool!
I really love your little books. When creating my apothecary I had some fits and starts leaving me with extra materials. I'm now in the process of creating a Curios Cabinet which will have bugs, birds, herbs and fish.I would really like your instructions on how you constructed your herb book if that's alright.
Again I love your take on the Apothecary Event.

Kyra said...

Love your Apothecary! :)