Friday, May 30, 2014

Butterfly Box

 Finally got to post a post! Sorry that I have neglected my blog, but as a lot
of you know, Life just gets in the way.  This post is about a class I took with my sister while she was visiting me.It is made from the new Tim Holtz configuration box with a lid. I really like this box and it could be used for different kinds of projects. My mind is whirling with ideas! The papers used was also from Tim Holtz  Menagerie 12x12 paper pack. It has a botanical feel which lends itself well to this theme. We used some different kinds of stamps and I varied the cover and inside cover somewhat to make it my own.  I also added some die cut vines to the inside instead of a frame of vines that were on the original box. Inside at the bottom is a handmade little "Field Guide" book that is also made from the papers and some kraft papers that
make up pockets. It is bound with a zutter, spiral bound rings. Lisa, our teacher
had added a "specimen" under glass which is a stamped small butterfly that we glued on a straight pin
and added a little moss in the bottom, hot glued into the cubicle. Next to that a smaller tubed glass with a
image of a butterfly using some of Tim's transparent tape. Other cubicles contain other stamped images of butterflys that were cut out, colored and decorated then glued into them with a strip naming the species.
(Don't know the manufacture of that stamp, but it contained several butterfly with the species name)
It was a fun class to do, did take some time to make, but well worth it.  Next class I 'm taking will be a Gelli card class. I haven't done any gelli printing yet, but,  I can forsee more art supplies in my future!

Perhaps, I can get back into blogging somewhat more regularly agian, I hope!


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Linda said...

I just love your butterfly box.